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Freegit CD


  1. This Is A Cause (These Are Effects)
    —B*ST*RD remix
    [MP3 clip]
  2. To Have And To Hold
    —Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 14.03.05
    [MP3 clip]
  3. Antiphon
    —Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall 14.03.05
    [MP3 clip]

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This Is A Cause (These Are Effects)—B*ST*RD remix

We took the rap
And don't know why
Seen better days
Seen better sky
Refresh the view
Then scroll those texts
This is a cause
These are effects

To Have and To Hold

To have and to hold
Publicly funded
Registration, collection
Curation, reception

Her beautiful paper falls
Her daughter's car arrives
The wider view
A well-crafted stare

To have and to hold
Sandwich selection
Critic confirmation
Architectural provision

Her golden magazine smiles
Her daughter's clock is thinking
Now visual culture
Prepares for a fight

To have and to hold
Any given green book
Showing its value
In short discussion

Her soft carpet sleeps
Her daughter's bluish bottle
Detached and returned
In public and in private