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Githead News - 24.07.05

Dear Githead Fan

Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter, something which appears to be coming out with alarming regularity. Surely there can't be more things to say??? It appears there are!

Firstly - a small but significant change - from to - The old addresses still work but the site will now resolve to it's variant whichever address you put in. If you have linked pages to us in the past, please make sure you update them so we can quickly regain premier status on the google listings.

If resetting your bookmark has prompted a trip to the site then you will also be greeted with the big news is that there is going to be a Githead tour in September. While these mere 9 dates may not challenge the earth-striding extravaganzas of others they do represent a significant step for Githead as in a 2 week span we will have more than doubled our gig tally (currently 7)!!
The dates are -

Sep 15: Alte Kantine @ Centre Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany (Popkomm)
Sep 16: Barbie, Tel Aviv
Sep 20: Logo, Hamburg, Germany
Sep 21: Underground, Koln, Germany
Sep 23: Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
Sep 24: Botanique, Brussels, Belgium
Sep 25: The Sugar Club, Dublin, Ireland
Sep 26: An Cruiscin Lan, Cork, Ireland
Sep 28: The Garage, London, UK

A further date may be added on the 22nd. Links to the individual venues can be found on the website on the gigs page

If you have attended one of the recent shows you will be aware that the audience photo has started to become an integral part of the show. Band members loan their digital cameras and audience members are encouraged to document the event. Githead boasts one highly accomplished photographer (latterly more a lomographer) in Malka and some willing amateurs in Colin & Robin all of whom have many of their images in the Githead website's gallery but with the best will in the world it is rather hard for us to take pictures of ourselves while on stage. So we are encouraging audience members to do so. We received copious documentation of Paris from Mark Pitts, a goodly proportion of which has ended up on the website in the gallery and more shots from Amsterdam taken by a responsible looking audience member who we would love to credit & thank! So don't leave your cameras at home when you come to the September shows.

On a different tack Githead have recorded another radio session, this one being a co-host for Totally Radio/ Juice FM with Claire Kember recorded in the in the exotic location of studio git (otherwise known as swim studio). The hour long show features live in the studio versions of My LCA & Craft is Dead as well as copious chat & banter from the band, egged on by Claire, and a selection of personal choices (including at least one exclusive) from the band member's own catalogue. The show will be available on Totally Radio on Fri 29th July, Sat 30th July & Sunday 31st July and broadcast on Juice FM at 107.2 in Brighton, UK on Sunday 31st July. A further two songs Option Paralysis & Profile were also recorded which will appear in a later show. Claire will give details on her show which is, in any case, always worth checking out.

While in media mode you might also like to check out Wilson Neate's interview with the band on the excellent Pop Matters site, the direct URL being here . All press in English & everything else we are able to translate is linked through from the press page.

Love Githead

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